Based in Toronto, Canada, Riad Ouarzazi is an established, respected and revered teacher to students from across the globe. His teaching style is unique, appealing and most importantly accessible to all manner of students whatever their knowledge or background from new Muslims and people considering Islam as a way of life, to established Muslims. 

Since 1991, he has been teaching with many organizations including Al Maghrib Institute. He has worked alongside many charities and organizations including Human Appeal, Muslim Aid, Muslim Hands, Islamic Relief, Human Concern International to name but a few.

Riad directs his own organization called ROC Training, which delivers seminars, retreats and a range of other services across the globe. His areas of expertise include marriage, time management and personal development, anger and stress management, and many other subjects.


How I Can

Help You

  • Private ONE on ONE with Sheikh Riad

    30 min

    17 Canadian dollars
  • Unleash the power of positive thinking

    1 hr

    100 Canadian dollars
  • Live a life that matters! Energize your marriage...

    1 hr

    150 Canadian dollars
  • Raising our "Parents"!!!

    1 hr

    150 Canadian dollars